Texas Lady Liberty

Texas Lady Liberty, the first, gold-gilded monument in Texas, was unveiled April 21, 2015, in Conroe, Texas.


New Studio Open House


20150306_164921-768x576Thanks to everyone who came out to support this weekend’s opening of Campobella Bronze Fine Art Studio and Gallery! It was overwhelming to have so much amazing support at Friday’s collectors’ party and again at Saturday’s opening. Cristy and I are blessed to have so many wonderful friends!-

-Craig Campobella

Art Talk’s talking about Dr. James “Red” Duke

output-3Maggie Gutierrez’s recent Art Talk for the Conroe Courier (August 4, 2016) highlights Lone Star Art Guild and Conroe Art League convention goers as well as shares an update on the bronze tribute to Dr. Duke.

Check out the story here: http://www.yourconroenews.com/news/article/Art-Talk-Colored-pencil-painting-wins-top-prize-9497798.php

The Pilgrim

the-pilgrimThe Pilgrim is a study piece of the  iconic renaissance man of American music, Marty Stuart. This piece was part of the ten year annual commemorative bronze offerings for The Sounds of Texas Music Series, a highly praised series that is held in the beautifully refurbished Crighton Theatre in downtown Conroe, Texas.

Marty is the living bridge that the history of a very important, singular American art form crosses back and forth over, daily. Although it can be deceiving, Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives bring a living, breathing text and subtext to the beginning, middle and “now” of American music. On the surface, you can be led to believe it’s happy-go-lucky pickers from Nashville, cruising into your town in a John boat. When in reality, it is more akin to returning warriors in the Iliad sailing into your town on a victorious warship, laden and overflowing with rare and priceless treasures.

Let those who  have eyes see, and those who have ears hear. Chances are more than rare that another musician (that played it) and historian (that lived it) of his caliber will ever pass by us again. I have immeasurable respect for his focus, talent and graceful way of sharing all three. That’s why when or if he calls, I will turn and help without question.

His work is important for all of us.

-Craig Campobella